• To conduct on farm trials.
  • To conduct front line demonstrations.
  • To conduct on and off campus trainings to upgrade the skill of farmers, farm women , rural youth and school drop outs.
  • To upgrade the skills and knowledge of extension functionaries with latest agricultural technologies.
  • To organize other extension activities.

  • Priority thrust areas of KVK, GB Nagar

    Crop / Enterprise Thrust Area
    Rice/Wheat Integrated Plant Nutrient Management in Rice-wheat cropping.
    Rice/Wheat Integrated Weed Management in Rice-wheat cropping.
    Pulse Increase area under the kharif and rabi pulses.
    Fodder Round the year green fodder production.
    Cereals Integrated Pest Management in crops.
    Guava Rejuvenation of old mango orchards and mgt. of guava orchards.
    Vegetables Organic Vegetables farming.
    Dairy To reduce repeat breeding in buffaloes & cows and calf mortality.
    Poultry Promotion of Backyard poultry.
    Horticulture Introduction of aromatic & medicine plants.
    Kitchen Garden Nutritional kitchen gardening.
    Value Addition Value addition in fruits and vegetables.